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Today’s the day!

Treasure hunter Mel Fisher started each new day by announcing Today’s the day.   For 16 years Mel searched for the Spanish shipwreck Atocha near Key West.    As I was traveling to my session today I was thinking about that.  In the craziness of life it is just easy to get tired.  But, what if each day […]

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Bridal part 2

I love the days of the old fashioned bridal portrait.  These are a more casual version of that and I have several others that I adore that will be in my studio.   Since I’m not a wedding photographer, it is great fun for me to photograph a bride in a non stressful situation! I posted one from […]

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Mild winter says the wooly bear!

 I found this on the internet  “As folklore goes – you need to look at the black hairs at each end of this tiny creature. Legend has it that the more black hairs a wooly bear has, the worse off the winter. If the caterpillar has more orange, then the winter will mild.” Don’t hold […]

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Peace baby

A little more world peace desired by another wise baby!   Or maybe he just wants to suck on his thumb.  I’m pretending world peace.  :  ) 0 votes

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Skyler & Colton

When my husband asked what he should give one of his amazing right hand girls for Christmas, I just said ‘me’!     I have photographed these boys twice before so I knew their momma would appreciate the gift!  We finally got together and my jaw dropped when the once little boys got out of the car.   […]

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