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Baby Banx Andolyn

Welcome sweet baby Banx!   Her momma and daddy made a detour from the hospital to home meet me first for a partial shoot.   I’m lucky like that ; ) 0 votes

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Lynn What a precious little girl!!

Ethan : P Ha ha ha ha….

Ethan started out very shy….. 0 votes Daddy is a zoo keeper but nothing is better than is own little monkey!!!   Here is the lick series! 0 votes

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Ben & Henry….Ha ha ha ha

First Henry, he really isn’t laughing but I love his look and it makes me laugh!  Really, I just looooove this image.  A lot. 0 votes This is Ben.  He was a giggle box and made me very very happy.  I’d like to think he was laughing at me.  Maybe though it was his crazy crazy […]

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Stacy Awesome. This made my day and made me giggle. 🙂

Lynn Henry and Ben you are adorable! Henry appears to be giving some serious thought to the world’s problems or maybe just surveying the landscape around him – sort of getting the “lay of the land”. I love it!! Then there’s Ben. I can just “hear” the giggles behind those precious fingers. Sorry Grandpa, you may rock but I think Ben’s got a very special secret – or maybe he’s flirting with Amy. The cutest boys always do that, you know. 🙂

Clemente ~ 4 months

Erica and I were so excited to see Clemente.  He was such a cute 6 pound peanut when we saw him at a few days old,  we were excited to see how much he had grown.   I was also determined to photograph him outside and try to get him sitting up, yea a little bit early.  […]

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Carolina Poulain Again been a pleasure to be with you. We laugh a lot and learned something more
about Newton. The best are the pictures of Clemente who will accompany us to Chile. I
sure that the whole family will love them and will be a baptism gift

Mariana These are such cute pictures, I’ll be working on the Christenning Favors!


I love it when I can get a baby outside!!!  Way to go Drew! 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes

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