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Little Miss Stinker no more!!

She is coming out of her shell!  0 votes

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Guess who???

We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving and my one request was to do a family picture.   My sister-in-law and I went out scouting a location and we came back the next day with the entire group.   It wasn’t easy but we did it! We are in a fountain minus the water Ü 0 votes 0 […]

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Kara love these. love the picture of the four of you, makes me so happy. <3 my second family

Athena These turned out awesome! What a cool location.

Stacy These are gorgeous!

patti All I can say is GREAT!

Janet Miller Wonderful family photos!

Cheryl Salyers Amy what wonderful picture of your family!!! Love the Doerrings!!!

Ha ha ha….One of my favorites!

I was watching someone look through my Christmas card basket today, a red Longeberger basket filled with beautiful images and even better stories.  I felt like I wanted to stop her on each card and tell her about the family.  I would laugh to myself and remember each day the pictures were taken.  I was […]

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Nicki HaHaHa…you just made my day. We love you Miss Amy for everything you do!

The ice cream man…..

Extra prayers for my ice cream man today, well all of Newton’s ice cream man.  We all love him.  There really isn’t anything better than pulling up to the drive through and seeing his happy face pop out.  Keep fighting Jeff!  Your spirit and honesty are so amazing!  Hugs and lots of love….  *if he […]

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patti Sometimes life isn’t fair and we wonder why things happen to such neat people but God does have a plan and it will make him stronger.Keep the faith and good luck ice~cream man!

A Christmas past….

Here is the last Christmas card I sent out.  I wish they were in ‘period’ clothes but it is what it is and I’m glad I have it!   I finally have a card this year and will reveal after I’ve sent it out!  Hint – there are 4 people in it this time, lol!   0 votes

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