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Happy Birthday to my grandma!

I’m crazy busy working on Christmas cards, gifts and orders.   I have so many sessions to post and allllll my seniors to post.  Much to come when I can think and type ; ) For now, my grandma Bernice Minnie Orend Hanley would have celebrated her 91st bday today.   22 years ago, she was taken from […]

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Lynn Oh, she’s dancing, Aim! She may even be wearing tye dye! And tho she didn’t get to spend time with “the more adult you” or your boys, she knows you and she knows your boys very well. She’s one of the angels on your shoulders and she’s with you all the time! <3<3<3

Bedtime Bear, Cuddle Cub and their friends….

I went to meet my clients at our spot and thought I was the first to arrive.  A  few minutes later,  momma pulls up and and the children eagerly greet me.   Momma said they had been there but forgot the animals.  I was happy.  I’ve been photographing Bedtime Bear and Cuddle Cub (they are on […]

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WoW canvas on Etsy!!!

*A little bitty update* I didn’t anticipate that people would buy more than one canvas. I didn’t anticipate that people would buy more than two canvasas. lol The lab that prints these is going to wonder what is going on tomorrow when they see all my canvas orders. Yipeeeee, I’m so happy! Told you so […]

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Lynn I LOVE these – and the song!! They would make great Christmas gifts, graduation gifts, etc.!!

Erica I LOVE my WoW canvas!!! It hangs in my living room, and I look at it and read it a hundred times a day. The message it shares are great! Thanks, david, for sharing those words!

Banx…the beginning ; )

Three years ago I photographed Brook and Austin’s engagement pictures.  I think they would agree, that session was memorable. 0 votes     0 votes 0 votes They went off to a beach and got married and now finally needed me again ; ) 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes Then […]

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Brook Thanks so much, Amy! We love you!!! I was trying to decide which photo shoot was the most fun, and I can’t decide.
🙂 Thanks for the great pictures and fun memories!
Austin, Brook & Banx

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..

and the craziest, for all of us.  We just got back from 5 days in Colorado with Bret’s family, lots of shopping, eating, playing games and the most exciting, a whole family photoshoot.   I reminded  them that most people pay for such pleasure, they got me for free.  I learned much that day ;  )  I’ve promised […]

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