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Cucurbit Art

In between shoots today ( 3.5 shoots ~ includes 14 people and 2 dogs) I found a few minutes to love on a curcubit……I have more curcurbit love to give, stay tuned! 1 vote Hugs if my NY friend Bob is reading this.  I thought of you as I typed the title!

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Holy Healer

0 votes One day this summer I was listening to my friend david’s music.  I had heard all the songs before but as I was listening to the song Holy Healer, I just started to cry.  OK sob.  david’s voice, his message, the pictures he was painting, the guitar and the violin – all together […]

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Lynn It was great fun, Amy, and it kept me busy searching all summer. I needed that distraction and now hearts pop out at me all time. Thank you!! I love finding them and I love you! 🙂

An honor in many ways….

I got up early one Saturday morning.  I needed to get to Des Moines early to photograph a real treasure.  My friend’s father – my friend’s uncle – same man – went to have coffee with the angels.  I was honored in every way by being present at the burial and seeing it through my […]

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Susie Moore Amy, these are absolutely beautiful and incredibly moving. Wow.

Abby Simply beautiful Amy!

Matthew Nice job Amy… you captured the honor. I too appreciate the stepfather was just a youth when the troops were sent back from WWII. A civilian, he would play taps for the funeral ceremonies, often arriving early toposition himself afar from the family. K O K O

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