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Cowgirl Kara!

Kara and I were walking home from the gym one day and I remarked how beautiful the sky and light was – a sign that there had been too many icky days ; )   Pretty light + pretty girl + amazing light boy helper = a quick shoot.   I love you pretty girl!!! 1 vote 0 […]

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Erica Kara is a beautiful girl, inside and out! Wonderful pictures by a wonderful photographer!

Kelcie ~ 2011 Newton Senior High

Here is sweet Kelcie, already graduated and getting a head start on college. I reviewed her portraits trying to decide what to post and I went crazy.  So, I’m stating the obvious.  I am posting alot of images.  I am posting some that are very similar.  I don’t care.   There is much about Kelcie’s look and […]

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Matthew intriguing.. thanks for sharing them all 🙂

Lauren This girl is super cute!

Lynn I love Kelcie’s smile….. looks like she’s got a wonderful secret and is begging us to pull it out of those perfect lips. Adorable girl, adorable pictures!

Shannon ~ Newton Senior High 2011

Meet Shannon, my future daughter-in-law.   : )    Well she would be if Cole got his way.  He knows she is a bit old than him and she has a boyfriend…. but he isn’t loosing hope!!! My guilty pleasure:    scary movies Something that is beautiful:    the ocean Something i am known for:    my cooking 🙂 Something i must […]

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Libby ~ 2011 Grinnell Senior Portraits

Weather can mess up a session.  It gets frustrating but in many cases it just means you get to see me twice ; )    A terribly windy day meant Lippy (yes, that was intentional and I love her for it) got to come back for remedial portraits, lol.  Actually we had so much naughty fun […]

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My Kara

Well not my Kara, Kent and Jill’s Kara but I’ve loved watching her ‘grow’ up.  Kara moved into an apartment in Iowa City today.  I am very happy for her and very sad for me.  Moving into the dorm means you still come home.   An apartment seems more like moving away to me.  No more […]

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Janet Miller Kara — you are more beautiful with each day! !

Mindi 🙂 The third and last one are my favs! Sooooo pretty Kar 🙂

Kara You bring joy to my life everyday Amy. I will miss being at your house daily but will love starting our late night phone calls again. Even though you already know, I love you very much.

patti Sorry gotta admit the smile one made me smile,so beautiful in all of them!!

Jill (mom) Wow, mom is proud and awed by the beauty of this girl…..could she really be 1/2 me? No….she has become her own person, navigating the world and doing a great job of it!:-)

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