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Blog Update

I’m so excited to have some updates to my blog, some behind the scene and some you can see right away!   The comments look so much better, I love my new seperator and the little link options!  I’m giddy!  The new software is supposed to let me attach video, so I’m going to test and repost […]

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My dream for Fall

Rain rain go away, come again some other day.  This photographer wants to play, her favorite fall image has so much to say. 0 votes

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karen i wish we were back home, i would love for you to take pictures of the girls in the fall. it’s just too cold outside for them in the winter:)

Miss Haley – 9 months ahhh :)

Haley’s momma is my favorite kind of mom.  She showed me the clothes she brought for Haley and then let me do my thing.   My thing made my heart sing that day!   I work very hard to get smiley photographs.  As I’m typing this, I’m wondering if I chose a smiley photograph of Haley to post.   […]

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jan hackett What a joy to see such exquisite pictures of our grand daughter. You have captured the essence of our Haley. You are a gifted photographer.

Miss Ella

Rain rain go away is usually my motto.   I prefer to shoot outdoors but when this weather makes it horrible outside I must concede.    Thank you rain.  Thank YOU rain.  If it hadn’t been raining I wouldn’t have these images of Ella.   I have lots of smiley pics but these hit me right in my […]

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ella’s mommy thank u so much amy for taking such beautiful pictures of my sweet ella…ur work is amazing! cant wait til our next session!

It’s OK

My friend david wrote a song in Newton in 2001.  He sang it the first time for my friend Kelly and me.  Now all these years later,  he asked me to put my photographs with his music.   Crazy.  I’ve been working on this for awhile.  I saw my friend Kelly a couple of weeks ago.  Kelly’s […]

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Lynn Take the time to follow this link to the video. It’s incredible and will move you deeply.

Diana Mandernach Kelly posted this on her facebook page today. Beautiful images, beautiful song, and beautiful words. And, yes, the last photo brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

Ann How cool! Very moving and especially fun to see my son’s pic in the company of such amazing kids.

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