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Abbie and her cousins

Remember the wind on May 17th?  Think about the wind and four beautiful girls with lots of hair.   Abbie’s cousins came here from the Quad cities to be photographed with her.   We were all wind blown by the end of the day but I think it was worth it! 0 votes

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Adorable Abbie

Abbie has a very special place in my heart.  Her twin sister is Mackenzie who I have posted about before in Amazing Kids.   Abbie and I love the same music and she gives some of the best hugs I know! Abbie, I adore the sparkle in your eye and the spunk in your spirit.  You […]

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Elaine Haugen I am so glad that you stalked down the Tanks. Just think of how God has used this to bring so much joy to so many. Its my pleasure to know the artist behind the camera.


We were camping at Disney in March.   I had a great perch on the campstore porch.  I could check my email and watch Cole fish in the pond complete with an alligator in the middle.  A perfect spot for both of us!  Painted on the sidewalk in front of me was a hopscotch court.  I had […]

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Miss Maddy

I think Miss Maddy is adorable and rumor has it that Iowa Methodist does too.  She will be in ads and on billboards this summer.  I imagine that you will see her bright eyes and smiling face but I wanted to show you something different.  Eyelashes.  Long beautiful eyelashes.   I’m amazed.  When cancer treatment takes so […]

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Layla, pt 2

Because I just can’t not show you more…..  I’m forever an eye girl.  0 votes  I have many many smiles but the no smile portraits really take my breath away!

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