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Always the farmer….

While I was shooting…the farmer and his family, I saw him taking a break in the field.  Seeing him be, always the farmer, totally distracted my camera and drew it to him.  The beans were beautiful and were preparing to be harvested. 0 votes 1 vote 0 votes   The farmer wasn’t checking out their beuty…what interested […]

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BL I walk through fields of these enroute to my favorite deer hunting stands. They will take on new meaning for me! And those hands! Priceless!! Keep on! bob

Do you see what I see?

2 votes Scroll down to see my comments after you look at the image….. I was listening over and over to a song that my friend david wrote about an angel.  I needed to go take a picture to match the song so I just immersed myself in it to really feel it.   I was going […]

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patti Wow Amy I saw it right away,it was a sign and David is happy.

Matthew david watching over you Amy… KOKO!! (nice shot)

I’m in love with…..

 milk weed.  Seriously, I’ve got it bad.  Here is the first group, there will be more!  0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes

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Shooting, shooting and more shooting!

Thank you to the people who have been asking if my blog is broken ; )  it is not.   I’ve been shooting a little bit – or a lotta bit!!!    I have had the time of my life this fall, shooting while my clients are changing.  It sort of became a game for me to […]

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Stacy Its amazing how beautiful poison ivy is in the fall. Can’t wait to see what you are working on. 🙂

Denise Friesth I see a heart in the top photo! 🙂

Cucurbit Art

In between shoots today ( 3.5 shoots ~ includes 14 people and 2 dogs) I found a few minutes to love on a curcubit……I have more curcurbit love to give, stay tuned! 1 vote Hugs if my NY friend Bob is reading this.  I thought of you as I typed the title!

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