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Words to live by

0 votes Children amaze me.  One of my favorite little guys, Evan, wrote this.  His mommy read it to me once on the phone and I have been pestering her for it in writing for a long time.  Evan was 4 when he wrote this and I think they are good words to live by!   It is even more special […]

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Miss Lucy

0 votes Born about two weeks apart, Lucy and Carly may play some day!  Their mommies work together in Iowa City and I love that they both had girls so close to each other. I was deciding on which picture to post and I had to find one with a dimple.  Lucy was a great sleeper, […]

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0 votes People often ask about the music on my website.   I always start my answer the same way ‘I saw this guy on 48 Hours in 2000’.  I hired him to sing/speak at Maytag and I have been photographing him since 2003.  david lives in Virginia with his wife and children.  Iowa Radiology is sponsoring […]

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0 votes I’m going to go back and blog some of my favorite images and thieir stories.  Livi is the perfect place to start! Meet Olivia who I call ‘my picture girl.’   She has played and posed and put up with me putting my camera in her face for years.  This truly was one of the […]

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Miss Paige

0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes I often hear ‘I wish you were around when my babies were little’, heavens,  I wish I were around when MY babies were little.  Many things I do are in retaliation to how I photographed or had my babies photographed.  I made some serious mistakes and I […]

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