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Michelle – Newton Senior High 2010

No laws were broken while taking these pictures.  This is what I love about photography sessions,   every single one is different and there is usually something to laugh about afterwards.   We really didn’t do anything wrong,   someone crazily thought we did,  I’ll not ever forget it! Michelle has amazing curly hair, eyes, smile and most […]

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Janelle – Grinnell 2010 Senior

I always feel horrible if it rains on the senior’s portrait day.  I know how much work it takes to get ready and how excited and nervous they get.  The rain just gets in the way.  It rained on Janelle’s day.  We were disappointed but the outdoor rescheduled day, the light was dancing her brilliant […]

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megan clausen amy~ you are freakin’ AH-mazing! I was looking back at my senior photos and you have come so far…don’t get me wrong I still LOVE mine and always will, but these are like hollywood for sure! you are such an inspiration and I love you so much! thanks for being one of the first ones to encourage my “art!” you are such a gift! yes, we do need to get has been too long and there is lots to tell! 🙂

Tammy N Again, I can’t tell you enough how much we LOVE you!!! Can’t look at these enough. I am proud of both of you also. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

A little bit of hooky with my Libs…

The almost 6 year old Libby, her momma and I played hooky during the middle of a 7th grade track meet ; )  We still watched the necessary races but were able to sneak in a few pics in between!!!!    I printed off some of the pictures and took them to show her tonight.  The very best […]

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Diane Kilmer She’s adorable. Another great job, Amy!

Nicki We LOVE YOU! Thank You soooo much for capturing a “grown-up” Libby, it’s so cute watching her circle her favorites. She has all but 3 circled…so cute!

Geri Doyle So precious. She will have tons of boys after her when she’s a teenager!! Beautiful Pics.

A spring Lilly and squishy Landon

Amber, this is for you.  Thank you so very very much for sending your family my way.   I <3 them!!!    Got any more sisters ?  : ) A newborn and a two year old, yes, one would think not an easy day.  Gosh, I’d take them every single day if I could.  Landon has these […]

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Amber S Thank you Amy for taking good care of my little sister, and yes I have 3 more sisters LOL!! The pictures are AMAZING as always…. I love, love, love them!! My favorites are sweet little Lillian with her eyes open and ole blue eyes Landon with his hands in his pockets. Thanks for posting these you know I am such a crazy picture lady, and I can’t help that I’m addicted to your breathtaking imagages. Can’t wait to see you in May!!

Athena Amy you are amazing! *itch*scratch*

Don’t be a crabapple ; )

My ‘blue’ day yesterday turned purple, pink and white!  How can you be a ‘crabapple’ this time of year?   I love all the flowering trees but I enjoy the three (Father, Son and Holy Spirit maybe ?)  on the front lawn of my church, First Presbyterian.   Here is one little tiny bit of it. 0 […]

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Stacy This is so pretty. It makes me want to play hookie or go work in a park.

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