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aMUSEment pt 2

We were in St Louis for 5 days and are home trying to catch up.   I photographed an engagement, family, some children and a senior.  As soon as I catch up with the pics from before ‘vacation’, I’ll get some St Louis pics posted too.I thought I’d post a few more of Miss Rachel because […]

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I look at faces all the time.  I look past what I ‘see’ and think about what my camera might see.   I have watched Rachel since she was a little girl.  Always bright with a personality all her own.  I emailed Rachel’s mom asking if I could photograph her and asked if she had any […]

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Gma Wow, honey. Maybe I won’t show these to you-know-who. I don’t think he’s ready for you all grown up.
Amy, you have captured the essence of her.


Carter and Isadora from below are both one and they are cousins!  I’m sure their Grandma S was very excited to have two new grandbabies within the same week.  They both are darling!  When Carter came up to the door, I couldn’t even look at him.  Every time I did, he would give me his huge […]

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Cowboy Gabe and a prayer request

Gabe wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.  Today, he got to be a little ‘grown up’!   Gabe turned 7 yesterday and to celebrate he got to go ride horses and got to play cowboy with me for a little bit. 0 votes Gabe was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the end of October […]

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Still Photography ~ Moving Images

I love my tagline, absolutely love it!    I hope it is true, I try to make it true.  Moving images.  That is what it is about to me.  I say alot ‘it’s not about how you look it is about how you feel’.   In this old favorite, I hope you can tell how these three […]

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M o r e   i n f o