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david and Makenzie, a heart warming story of love and comfort

I was searching for a video today and found this news video from 2009.  I had just posted Makenzie and Abbie’s picture on my facebook business page so it seemed right that I would find this video today. I learned of Makenzie’s story while watching the news.  Photographs, introductions to david and his music and now […]

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Lynn I remember the day well. It was indeed freezing on that bridge! I can’t believe the WHO TV guys could hold the camera or the mic still enough to do the interview. We were all shivering. Then the incredible roar of the helicopter warming up and taking off stopped the interview for a few more very cold moments. Not even a 5 shot Americano would keep david warm that day, but it was a wonderful day, anyway!!

Words of Wisdom…again…

I have posted before the pictures of  the WOW word collage.  The words are from a song written by my friend david.  The song was one of his last written before his first brain tumor recurrence in 2008.  I’ve been listening to the song over and over for another project and just have fallen in love […]

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Patti This is a really nice thing you are doing Amy.I know David appreciates all you do for him.

Chrissy Love my chats with you, Ms Amy, but I am just a listener-you are the charming woman of talent! Love this-what a gift we have in you and David! Thank you and prayers and love to David fighting the fight-what a strong brave soul he is to fight the horrible monster….

The Amazing Nikolas!

The last time I photographed Nikolas something was missing.  If you looked past the hair,  the sparkly smile and the dancing eyes almost made you forget that a child that age shouldn’t be missing hair. 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes Nikolas was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastom in April 08.   He is doing well now […]

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Lynn On Thanksgiving Eve, I am thankful there are doctors, medicine, science and prayer that can help victims of cancer like Nikolas. I’m also very thankful there is an incredible, wonderful, caring, giving and very talented photographer who gives so much of herself and her time to take amazing pictures of cancer kids and adults. Thank you for the gift you have given so many of us and our families. <3

It’s OK

My friend david wrote a song in Newton in 2001.  He sang it the first time for my friend Kelly and me.  Now all these years later,  he asked me to put my photographs with his music.   Crazy.  I’ve been working on this for awhile.  I saw my friend Kelly a couple of weeks ago.  Kelly’s […]

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Lynn Take the time to follow this link to the video. It’s incredible and will move you deeply.

Diana Mandernach Kelly posted this on her facebook page today. Beautiful images, beautiful song, and beautiful words. And, yes, the last photo brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

Ann How cool! Very moving and especially fun to see my son’s pic in the company of such amazing kids.

Spencer & Carter

I always love to reconnect with a friend.  Spencer and Carter’s mommy and I both worked in the same department at Maytag and both have the same very cool first name : )  Spencer is a spit fire – a very good thing in my opinion! and Carter is a fighter!  Carter was born with […]

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