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This makes me happy!!!

I worked with 8 amazing and all unique seniors this week.  We had a great time and made some awesome images!!!  Dustin, Kaila, Kellen, Skyler, Lindsey, Carter, Chelsea and Laura, I had fun with all of you.  I’m a little bit worn out so no big blog post except a fun family story….  Kara went with […]

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Kara Oh jeepers! This just made my day..I’m laughing out loud alone in my room. I love you all! Such a fun trip, if only we could have listened to DJ Tu-n-Thur one night! ; )

Lynn I love it! Maybe DJ Tuenthur will perform in IC. 😉

chrissy ohhhh the fun you have!!! Miss you AMY!

Kara Yes I know I already commented on this…but you know I stalk your blog. I just reread it and laughed out loud again. It never fails to make me smile : ]

Breck is 3!

My sweet Breck Willis (could there me a more adorable middle name!!) is growing up!!!  Here is a little recap and the new pictures are at the end.   0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes Breck’s eyes, lips and hair are super yummy!!!  0 votes 0 votes […]

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Stacy He is adorable!!!

Athena You are amazing! Thank you for being part of our lives and capturing who HE is!

Although, you stepped out of the box a bit with so many smiley pics 🙂

Grace’s mithing teeth

We don’t photograph for today, we photograph to remember today.  This thought just resonates with me. My old neighbor Brenda said something years ago that I’ll always remember.  She couldn’t wait to photograph her daughter with her missing front teeth.  Not sure why I remember it but I do.  Most people would shy away from that most adorable time.  […]

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Mindy My heart is melting – these are beautiful, Amy! Thank you!!!

Yipeee!!! New Senior site is up!

I’m probably posting this too early…. there is still work to do.    I haven’t updated my senior site in well AGES. 0 votes Unfortunately, the proofing is not able to transfer to the new site.  If you need your proofing gallary this link will work

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Drew grew (or Drew is 5 months!)

He is just getting soooo big!  I’m super excited though,  Drew will be sitting soon and then for me the fun really begins, we can go outside!!!!     A quick few minutes with Drew in the studio.   I love Drew’s lips, you can see why in the pics where he isn’t smiling.  So full and cute! […]

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Abby Amy everytime you post pictures of Drew, it simply melts my heart. There are no words to describe the moments you have capurted, that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Noah & Estella Our cousin Drew is tooooooo cooooool…we love him.

Marci Cutey Patootey!!

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