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Mr August, my calendar boy….

He is a hunk, gorgeous, in great shape for 44 years old, his skin is a wee bit yellow but I’ll take him anyway…  Meet Mr August 1996….       OK, so he is a tractor, but I think he his amazing.  You might think his liver needs a check, most John Deere tractors are green.  […]

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Lynn Luv the picture – luv the truck. I think a magnetic “Tiger Hawk” would look really awesome on his face – every Saturday before game time! 😉

Lynn Luv the picture-luv the tractor! I think a magnetic “Tiger Hawk” would look really awesome on his face – every Saturday before game time 😉

chrissy I totally agree with you Lynn! Love this Amy! And Love how many friends I am running into that say-oh we saw your picture friend Amy today-you busy, busy girl!!!

My farmer ; )

Bret always wears a beautiful suit to work and in the non summer months, wears his overalls and Red Wing work boots at night for ‘chores’.   He is pretty cute! Bret’s pumpkin patch reveal

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Stacy Can I have the funky black one??!! 🙂

chrissy I must confess I love your man’s gourds 🙂

patti How cute is this? Makes me want to head East this weekend and take my camera!!!

Tyler & Brady

2 boys, 2 years apart….  Felt like my boys!  Tyler 3 and Brady 1 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 1 vote I LOVE this image and would have this in  my house big if it were my family.  1 vote

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Darcey Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Amy! We all had a great time with you! The pictures are amazing!

Matthew Amy, you need to loosen up and have some fun with your photos! love these!!

The way I see it…..

I posted this picture a long time ago but I thought a lot about it today.    Thank you Starbucks for your Venti Bold Lesson!  I’ll type out the words to make it easy to read… “The way we get to Live Forever is through memories stored in the hearts and souls of those we touch.  […]

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Meggan Machin Oh Amy–I love it!!! I am going to write this one down!!!

Erin Amy
Can I buy a copy of this picture? I’m dying to hang it in my office. What a great motto and I’m a daily sbucks addict…wish they would bring these back to cups.

Thoughts have been with you and the loss of your dear friend!

Matthew great memory of david! (I believe I recognize that hand 🙂 I too would love to get my paws on this one.

Jaxton Douglas ~ 4 days

I know it is a good day when my clients know the way to the studio.  ; )  I love catching up, almost to a point that I forget I’m working.    Meet Jaxton, an amazing 4 days old.  I photographed his mommy’s senior pictures and loved her then, I love her even more as  mommy.   […]

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Wendy These photos are absolutely adorable! Jaxton did such a great job of “sleeping”. And, our favorite artist, Amy Doerring, worked her magic and caught so many sweet and touching moments. Our family (and extended family) adores going to Amy for our special photo sessions. She is able to bring the best out of her subjects and put them to print.

These photos will become pieces of artwork in our home and Mia’s (along with some great Christmas presents for friends and family).

Thank you, Amy!

Dazdeana WOW Amazing photos!!

Sharlene Wow! I googled my son’s name and couldn’t believe that there is another Jaxton Douglas. We thought it was such a unique name! Beautiful pictures and obviously I LOVE his name 🙂

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