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Meet Miracle Keaton!

Every new baby is a miracle, baby Keaton and his momma’s miracle was just a wee bit more amazing than others!!!    I l0ved Keaton’s hands and so did he.  He was very animated with them ; ) 0 votes One of Keaton’s grandmothers made some things she knew I would love to use while photographing […]

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Patti the basket picture is my fav,I wouldn’t be able to resist it,good job

Lynn A miracle indeed – TRULY an amazing miracle!!
Grandma Lene – Amy really does need one of those beautiful “blankies” for her afternoon naps 🙂

Baby Oliver

I love his name too!!!!  I loved Oliver’s session.  He was a great sleeper, his momma got to rest a bit and his grandma let me boss her ; )  Really, I know grandma and we just had a great way of working together.  I could bark our orders and didn’t have to worry about […]

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Isla Belle

I love her!   I love her hair, I love her fingers, I love her love of sleep, I love her parents and are you kidding, I love her name most!!!!!    So read it and sound it out to yourself, now look at it like you kwow the word island and you have it.   The S […]

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Lynn Oooooh, Isla Belle. You are precious!

patti I agree you are the best blog person I know also Allyson Cheney who by the way is expecting twin boys in May? she will be going to the hospital in feb to start bed rest as they are mono babies and they need to watch them close.She’s my other friend from KC. who does pics! This little gal is so sweet!! Lucky parents.

I’m blogging this…

So my friend Lynn gave me lots of very cool Christmas presents.  Two were clothing items that said this…. 0 votes One is an item you will see and one you will not.  So I’m just warning you, if you are around me, I might be blogging our activities : )  Lynn said I had […]

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Lynn You are the best blogger in the blogosphere! BLOG ON, my friend!! 🙂

Alex aka Spider

I’ve got a little baby boom going on and I love it!!!  Three newborns in the last few days and more to come. Meet Alex.  His parents told me that brother Braden has been called Alex ‘Spider’ the whole time he was in his mommy’s tummy.   Although spiders might be your favortite thing, calling Alex […]

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patti I LOVE his hairline it is precious!!

Cara They are precious pictures. Spider is so sweet and Braden is the cutest thing. Sydeny always says she will marry Braden someday.

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