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Miss Katie

Meet Katie!  As cute as Katie is, her personality and self confidence are 10 times better, maybe 100.  During her session we had to get Cardinal Corner and she and her mom got hooked.  They come from Des Moines for something we just have right here!  Yea, Newton!!!! I do have to say, a certain […]

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Kathy Turner Love it, Amy! I got choked up reliving this experience! I had so much fun! So did Katie!

Jake, Joe and Bodie

Still blogging from the fall …. I had a nice playdate with  3 adorable brothers who will one day be 3 hot boyfriends ; ) 0 votes 0 votes Like the silly bands, love holding hands! 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes

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Then and now….for all of us

Before I tell this story…I have another to start with.  I was at the hospital where I was talking with Allie and Maddy’s mom.   I worked with her at Maytag and have always adored her.   I said ‘goodbye’ and was on my way.  As I turned the corner, I heard their mom say ‘That is […]

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patti Wow what a great story and my how she has grown into a beautiful gal.She was a sweet looking teen but now how fun!!

An amazing day…..

You know what I love?  When the dad makes the appointment.  Very cool : )  This was mom’s Mother’s day gift, I hope it was a good one!  It was for me.  Eric, Susan, Miley and Catherine, I had an amazing time.   You were a gift to my heart that day and Susan, a gift […]

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Susan Sanning Amy you did an AMAZING job! What a great afternoon. Thank you for coming into our lives and capturing a moment in time. Your pictures truly do tell a story. I enjoyed our conversation today too 🙂

carrianne so beautiful…love your post processing on these!!

susan johnson You rock Amy, these as with all of your work is BEAUTIFUL!

Chrissy These leave me breathless-I love those girls-and you captured their beauty in and out-amazing!

My Kayla

One of my first favorite images I took was of my cousin Sonya.  She had the most beautiful red hair,  adorable dimples and a smile that stretched from her lips to her eyes.  The picture was taken at Christmas and I’m guessing she was one, oh and I was 11ish.    Sonya died but her spirit, […]

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Stacy Amy, thank you for letting Kayla play with her inner diva. She had a blast. My heart child is growing up so fast.

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