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Ben, Ella and now Henry!

Welcome to the world Henry!    We all know that I love photographing brand new babies!  While I love sleepy babies, when I get one that is  awake and happy,  I am thrilled.   Henry did an amazing ‘ job’ at just looking and connecting his eyes to my camera.   I think he is advanced ; ) 0 votes 0 […]

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Alex Oh Amy beautiful!!!!

The ‘ons’

How fortunate am I? Very. Very fortunate. When I start to realize that I have photographed families, whole…well maybe not yet ; ) families I just feel so blessed to be a part of so many amazing amazing lives. Here are the ‘0ns’ and one ‘yn’ Miss Cameron She is 6 now and for sure […]

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Abby and Brendan

I have been a bad blogger, I have had this post in draft mode for a week.  It isn’t written perfectly and I’ve decided not to keep editing it to make it so.  It was written quickly from my heart to Abby who every day continues to amaze me with her strength in taking on […]

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Abby Lamont Amy, I can not tell who how blessed Brendan and I feel that you are such a good friend, not to mention an amazing photographer. Today really hit a soft spot on my heart, because seeing these pictures makes it all the more real that our dream of having a baby is coming true. At one point I thought that maybe it would always just be that, a dream. Thank you for capturing one of the most amazing times in our lives. We love you!

Patti Could this be little Abby with a sister Emily? I remember like you when they were little and I hung around their aunt brenda ,I think maybe i even baby sat them.How great it is to see her even tho I can’t see the face I’m sure I remember the blonde hair and blue eyes!! Congrats to you !!

Amy Doerring Patti you have the right Abby! Her hair is still blond and her beauty is so deep. I think you can tell I love her : )


Weather smeather.  Gotta love parents who go with the weather and that will be the clothes their children are photographed in.  I love Johnny’s hat, love love love it!  A perfect frame for his sweet little face. 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes A couple from a warmer day ; ) 0 votes 0 votes

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Ryker and his favorite place to be ; )

SKIN ALERT – If you are offended by a bit of skin, please pass on reading this post : ) Momma Shana is one of my favorite people to photograph.  We have had a bit of fun together and none of that fun has anything to do with photographing her by a fire truck during […]

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Lynn Oh my!! Absolutely beautiful! Any momma who nursed her babies will be deeply touched by the memories and feelings these photographs bring to mind. Thank you for reminding me of the precious days I had with my own babies, now ages 38, 35, and 35!

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