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A difference of opinion…..

Do you ever wonder how two people can look at the same thing and see two different things?  Two different sides.  Two different opinions.  It happens. 0 votes 0 votes 1 vote 0 votes

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Well “honkin’ horns” and a fun cucurbit….

I think it is pretty clear that I think Miss Harper is special.  Not only is she adorable to me on the outside, her sweetness on the inside just pulls me in each time I see her.   I saw her last week as she looked through the gourd pile choosing just the right pieces for […]

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Pray for me Mantis!

This little guy took my attention from my the family I was shooting.   Eeeeek!!!! 1 vote 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes

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Cucurbit Art pt 2 of many : )

Some may wonder after looking at my blog right now if I even photograph people.  I really really promise I do.  I am still very hungry for people images that stir my soul – the hunger certainly keeps me looking and working and snapping.  I’m also finding a bit of growling for just plain light […]

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Marci I love that you can turn something so funny looking into a natural piece of art. I hear he has lots and lots and lots of friends. Wish we were close enough to reap in the harvest. And I love that you are sharing other things that you see with your AMAZING little eye….

Lynn I love this little guy. He’s so handsome. He looks exceptionally happy to be hanging out with so many colorful characters. I’m envisioning even more unique characters joining him in the days to come.

Suzanne Shawver I have enjoyed seeing these awesome pics! The color’s are amazing!

Bob How EVER could you tell! 🙂 Our church is hosting the newly formed NYS chapter of the American Gourd Society this weekend! You guys should come east!

A is for An Amazing Apple from Adorable Kennedy

My friend Sara and Kennedy were at my house.  Kennedy had this adorable shy but excited smile on her face.  She had gotten an apple at the farmers’ market and wanted to give it to me.  It was pretty cool she thought and knew what I would do with it.  I certainly wouldn’t cook it, […]

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