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Amelia, Liam and finally, Oliver

I love Oliver’s name and it sounds even more amazing with his last name.  Just totally in love with it oh and him too! 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes Here is Liam who I really really wish I had had about two hours with him.  He is at that stage where you […]

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Susan E. Hanson Amy..Thank you for the beautiful work you do with our grandchildren! These pictures are wonderful as are our babies. Do you remember the day we had with you about 2 years ago? It was a cool autumn day and we had our Amelia and Allison dressed in matching dresses. That day was so special for me and what you did with those two little girls was amazing! The results hang on our living room wall for all to see. Thanks so very much. We are truly blessed to have your talents preserving the growth and development of our 3 little Hansons. Sincere respect, Nannie Susan

Brit, Ashley and Mikki

In 2001 I was working on a benefit concert and needed a partner.  I had met Kelly one time at a celebration dinner for a for a huuuuge innovation in Maytag washer technology (that makes me sad).   I wanted my projec to be a success and I knew Kelly was the perfect person to help […]

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Drew is 2 (months)

There is nothing better than seeing a mommy and a daddy so in love with their boy.  Pure bliss…….. 1 vote 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes   0 votes

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Abby Amy, once again you have out done yourself! We love them!

Cheryl george Great pictures as usual Amy….you are AWESOME!!!!

Audrey ~ Almost 1

Audrey’s momma cut my boys’ hair when they were little.  It was not fun for me, I’m going to guess it was worse for Alicia.  Well maybe she was trying to pay me back.  Photographing a one year old is tough, they don’t get it, you certainly can’t pull the bribe trick and you just […]

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Trey ~ 365 days exactly

I got to shoot Trey on his 1st birthday, I love it when that happens.  First you have too see the first time I met him.  0 votes 0 votes I wish I could learn as much in the next year as a newborn learns to age one, it simply amazes me. 0 votes 0 […]

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Patti What a cute little guy.

M o r e   i n f o