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Sweet Libby

I think there was 20 minutes in between my call to Nicki and pulling in the driveway to pick her and Libby up to head for the flowers.  We met Israel and Rachel there and I had a blast, photograph one girl while the other changes and keep repeating.  It gave me a chance to see […]

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Little Miss Stinker no more!

Well, she still is a bit and only that she tries to play this shy game with me.  I’ll let her keep trying to fool me.  You’ll see by the pictures what I mean….. I wonder if their is a moving traffic violation for dwls – ‘driving while location spotting?’   I was on my way […]

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Breck is 4, yikes!

So it is one thing to watch your own children grow so quickly and fell ‘old’, I get to watch all my ‘kids’ do that every year ;  )   I am sure Corey and Athena are right with me, his newborn pictures feel like they were yesterday…sniffle…… 2 votes 2 votes 0 votes 0 votes […]

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Love the one you’re with…..

You know the song….’If you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with”.   You know the saying “The grass is always greener.” When we were on vacation this summer I hired a driver to take me to a place I had seen and had to go back and photograph.  We didn’t […]

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Matthew maybe you could land the Corn Growers Assn as a client,cornlover. 🙂

Matthew I too am hooked on pix of fields. I can see you are a cornlover, but come to Kansas and shoot our beautiful wheat fields and it will set you on your ear. [pun intended] 🙂 I might even drive you; I understand Ger has another fare that day… there is a crazy woman from Cedar Rapids coming in to shoot crop circles. 🙂

Max and Charlie…11 days

If you talk to any of Emily’s friends, you’ll hear the same story of  shock of the January 27th at 6:30pm text……pregnant and with twins!   I’m sure Mark and Emily have their own story of shock!   It has been fun watching their family grow and a pleasure to get to photograph it. Here was Emily, […]

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Georgia thanks so much Mark and Emily for sharing the photos of you special family. Good job photoing them Amy.

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