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It will be 6 months this weekend since I lost my friend, my boss and my favorite creative partner.  The blessings I received from those years of work and friendship have beautifully continued in the days, weeks and months following him earning his angel wings.  I am forever grateful to the friends from all over the country […]

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Cat Rickers How can it be 6 months already? The loss is still fresh for so many.

Then and now….for all of us

Before I tell this story…I have another to start with.  I was at the hospital where I was talking with Allie and Maddy’s mom.   I worked with her at Maytag and have always adored her.   I said ‘goodbye’ and was on my way.  As I turned the corner, I heard their mom say ‘That is […]

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patti Wow what a great story and my how she has grown into a beautiful gal.She was a sweet looking teen but now how fun!!

Finn again…..

I was ordering some of Finn’s pictures and I just had to blog a few more.  I had a newborn OUTSIDE on October 21st last year, I can only hope for weather like that every year!!  I’m itching to get outside again and seeing Finn, I found hope.  Come on spring!! 0 votes 0 votes […]

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Sweet Serendipity!

We have always watched American Idol with Kara.  She fell ‘in love’ with Lee DeWyze from the beginning predicting that he would win.  When Lee announced that he would be coming to Iowa City, she asked us to go.  We decided to make a vacation out of it – Cole says anytime you stay in a hotel it […]

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Erica Yay for Kara!! I can imagine the amount of giggling and freaking out that were going on when she saw him (the big smiles give it away!). I loved the phone I got from her, I could hear in her voice how excited she was! What a great memory for her (and you guys!)

Kara I can’t believe I am just now seeing this post! I am listening to “Stay” as a type this. I am also giggling again at how much of a girl I was. I honeslty could not contain how genuinely giddy I was about the whole ordeal. If only he would realize what kind of girlfriend he REALLY needs ; ] That day was a memory I will cherish for a lifetime! <3 Apologize to Kyle again for him being my "punching bag" of excitement haha. Love you guys

A very special ‘delivery’!

One day a long time ago, I had an idea.  (yes, that is me, born at Skiff!) 0 votes I hoped that one day I would come back to the place of my birth and decorate the walls (ok, really I only cared about eating and sleeping but pretend with me).  Today, after  years of talking, […]

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Mindi 🙂 Looks AWESOME!!! I also think it is great that you now have pictures in Hospice AND OB…both wonderful places to share your beautiful/uplifting work!

Ashley Alright Amy…you could have done a little work with my tummy before you uploaded these, haha!
THANK YOU so much for your talent in photography…as I sit here at work today many people are taking a trip through the department to look at OUR pictures…we LOVE them!! It is amazing how different the unit looks and the smiles you see when we (and others too) look at these pictures! This definitely was one of my favorite “deliveries”! Thanks Again, and you will need to come back and see the department when it is ALL done being remodeled!!

Matthew WOW!!! (no pun intended) These are awesome! What a lovely gift Amy. No child should be born w/o such inspiring images of the wonders of life surrounding them. Whom do you trust to hold your camera for the shots you were in? LOL KOKO!

Diane Kilmer It looks wonderful, Amy! You always do such fantastic work! I hope I can check them out some time. I did recognize at least one of them!! 🙂

Meggan Machin Oh Amy!!! That is just totally awesome—just perfect!!! It almost makes me want to have another baby so I can have cool pictures in my room—Just ALMOST!! Very proud of you!! 🙂

Marci What an amzing project Amy! You are incredible. I can’t wait to see it in real life next time I am back home.

Lynn What an awesome job, Amy! You have transformed ordinary hallways into a gallery of adorable faces waiting to greet the “parents-to-be.” A job well done!!!

Jessica Johnson I was just visiting Skiff’s OB Dept. this past week, as my sister had baby #2. I was unaware that they had redone the dept. It looks great! Right away I told my sister that those pics must be Amy’s. I love them all!! You do such amazing work!

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