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Katelyn and Dawson

Seriously, I love the name Dawson.  Many moons ago I worked with Katelyn and Dawson’s grandma Carol at Maytag (they were really really good days!!).   They have moved from here but found a bit of time and a seriously hot day to stop and see me, thank yoU!!! 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes […]

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carol murphy derer Amy:

All Dawson needs are some wings and a bow/arrow and he is Cupid!!

Great pics of them both!!

Carol Ann 🙂

Miss Katie

Meet Katie!  As cute as Katie is, her personality and self confidence are 10 times better, maybe 100.  During her session we had to get Cardinal Corner and she and her mom got hooked.  They come from Des Moines for something we just have right here!  Yea, Newton!!!! I do have to say, a certain […]

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Kathy Turner Love it, Amy! I got choked up reliving this experience! I had so much fun! So did Katie!

Owen….Ava’s brother

One day, I hope Owen hops out of the car and shows me a big sword and maybe a gun….  Maybe my Canon can have a shoot out with his ‘weapons’.    First, I must wait a bit….OK Owen, I’m ready! Here is Owen with his Mommy (check out her painting link below – amazing stuff), […]

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While I was shooting…..

Seriously….do I ever pay attention to my client?  Really I do, I promise!     I love the browning of fall – except for the coming whitening of winter…..  0 votes 1 vote So the lonely walnut picture, there is one thing I’d like to change about it, I’ll probably have to go reshoot it, seriously, I […]

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Chrissy I love the lonely walnut!

Princess Ava and her daddy….

I’ve been trying to blog this for awhile and still don’t feel like I have the words to tell you how really amazing it was to witness.  If I fail miserably, just trust that it was really really awesome and I was the luckiest girl in the world to be there at that moment…… Ava […]

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erin Oh Amy this is just priceless and beautiful!

Kimber Oh my. Made me think instantly of Steven Curtis Chapman’s Cinderella song. What precious moments for the princess and her prince!!!

Marci Luv the bow and curtsey. Beautiful pictures.

Princess Ava’s Mama These bring tears to my eyes. I’m so glad your camera caught these priceless moments between Daddy and his princess that I see all of the time at home. Now I have a lifetime visual to go along with the lifetime memory of them dancing together.
plastic wand…$1.00
missing front teeth…$2.00
white dress…$20.00
pictures of Ava dancing…priceless

Lynn Daddy and his little girl – just precious!!

M o r e   i n f o