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Love the Time

I totally stole those words from my pal but they work, they especially work here. You know the type, the kind of people who no matter what, are always smiling.  The kind of people who are always laughing.  The kind of people who live every day.  The kind of people who live out loud every […]

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Dee Underwoodd BEAUTIFUL! and fun!

Katie Cummings These are such beautiful pictures in the snow! You don’t see outdoor ones in the snow often, so this is refreshing! Great pictures Amy!

Deana Gast WOW, YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! Great Work!
Very Moving Blog and Photos that catch Love, Joy, Playfullness and the Attitude of Gratitude.

Geri Doyle Love the Blog! Thank You!
Mallorie brought home the cards yesterday OMG I love them! Your awesome as a photographer and a friend.
Your so creative and I love how you capture the “moments”
This card will always be one of my favorites.
Thank You…………….

More Jamie….

I couldn’t post these either……   My workout partner means the world to me.   I honestly can’t wait to work out each day because I know we will get a full hour to talk, whine, encourage, laugh, learn etc.    I photographed her daughter Jamie’s senior pictures over 4 years ago  now as a senior at UNI, I […]

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Dee Underwoodd It was the most amazing gift ever and from my two favorite girls in the world! I still cry!

patti What a wonderful gift for a mother,she is very blessed.

Betsy and baby Carly

Catching up : ) I loooooove Betsy’s voice.  Momma has already ordered and picked up but I’m trying to think of some reason why she needs to stop by again.  Maybe I forgot something ; )   I just really love hearing Betsy say “Carly” and any other adorable thing that comes out of her mouth.  […]

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My tree is down but I’m not quite done yet…

I still have some Christmas spirit and images : ) I photographed this in 2008 but the anticipation for the subject of this family’s card made me hide it until now.   We always end with something feet or stocking related.    We found the nails in the barn in these exact places.  Fate for the feet […]

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The breath of life…

  If you are traveling with small children, put your oxygen mask on first then your child. Believe it or not, I look forward to January.  I love January.  After feeling crazy busy for the last 7 months of the year,  January means a much needed rest, time to go to photography schools, time to […]

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Janet Miller Our neighbor girl all grown up! These would have been fantastic Christmas cards.

Dee Underwood Ahhhh Amy .. what an amazing experience. I love you girl!

M o r e   i n f o