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Two ways to fight stress ; )

Stressed or not, here are two ways to feel better ; ) Bath and Body Works eucalyptus and spearmint.  I am in love!!!  0 votes If that doesn’t work….  Andre’s Almond cookie from Jaarsma….  almond and butter my favorite!!!! 0 votes Anyone have any others?

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Stacy A long run at daybreak or just as the sun sets w/temps in the 70’s w/o humidity. Listening to my girls giggle like crazy during bath time. Oh and the smell of lilacs in the spring.

Lynn SB chai cream frappachino with extra cinnamon or chocolate chip cookie dough! Hmmmmm-what does that tell you-I’m a “stress eater?!”

patti Sitting on my front porch at night watching the deer and her fawn come out nightly and roam the fields,listening to my fountain in the flowerbed beside me.

Kara Having both my puppies asleep on my feet as I type this…spending the day shopping…watching my parents hold hands…listening to any country music song…double fudge brownies with chocolate chip ice cream and fudge sauce…my ed hardy perfume…the movie sweet home alabama…getting a call from my brother to talk because hes “just bored”

Little Miss Stinker

Yes her name is Isreal.  How I wish I could get inside her little head.  I swear we laugh at her the whole time, she is so very much in control of me.  I love it!  Really!    I saw her at a track meet this Spring.   I kept talking to her and she would act […]

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Kim I never tire of admiring your photographs of Miss Izzy!

rachel lane the question of the day is…….does amy ever disappoint???? and the answer is……….take a look at my daughters photos and thats all the answer you need!!! amy you are in a league all your own, to see through your eyes the beauty, from a naughty little 3 year old who made it her goal to not smile for you!!! i adore you more than words can say!!

Lynn You won her over, Amy and such a beautiful child-with or without a smile. Great work <3!

Miss Laquon

I had just a few minutes with Laquon but crossing my fingers we get some more time very soon! 1 vote 1 vote 1 vote 1 vote 1 vote 0 votes

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patti gosh I love those eyes,they almost look fake!!

Amy Doerring They are real and no amazing photoshop work, I promise!

Athena Her skin and eyes are stunning! I love the simplicity of the white and how you focus directly on her and her features. Beautiful Amy!

My favorite photo album

Another of my favorite things! I hope you are printing your digital pictures.  Please tell me that you are!!!  It is so easy to take pictures but then never do anything with them.  I’m a little bit guilty of  that too. When my boys were babies I started using this photo album.  I liked it […]

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Nicki I want one! It is hard to find an album that holds a ton of pics that dosn’t have a binder. I have a container full of albums with ripped pages because I stuff them FULL and the pages just won’t turn nicly 🙂 You are always making my life easier, it’s just the little things you do. Thank you!!! If I had to make a list of my favorites, YOU would be on the top of my list! xoxox

Karen Amy – do you have any suggestions for getting great prints from our digital cameras? Do you print at home, or do you download to an offsite printer like Target, Walgreens, etc? I’ve been disappointed by some results, and would love to hear any thoughts you have – thanks! Karen

Little Miss Gretta and her new sister Ingrid

About 2.5 days.  About 40 hours.  About 2400 minutes.   About crazy : )    Born on a Monday.  Home on a Wednesday.  At my studio Thursday am.  Rock star parents!!!!!    Thank you!!! 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes I love the look of brand new hands. 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes […]

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